Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Greatest Gift of All

My grandma was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve of last year. We were given the grim news a bit-by-bit, and learned in January that its terminal. Her wonderful oncologist put her on an oral chemo to hopefully keep the cancer from growing. We found out a little over a month ago that the chemo is not only keeping the cancer from growing - the cancer is actually shrinking! Many, many prayers have been answered and miracles DO happen. It's such a blessing to our entire family. Grandma is, afterall, the glue that makes us all stick.


Carrie said...

This is a blessing to hear. I know the pain and struggle you have had dealing with this. I pray for you and your grandmother.

God Bless.

Adriene Rathbun said...

Thank you, Carrie. Your support and friendship mean so much. You and your dad are also in my prayers.

Reenie said...

Adriene ~ that's awesome news=) I hope she is feeling okay too. Love to you all ~ Lorena