Sunday, June 21, 2009

Veggie Garden

After months of wanting one, I have invested in a nicer camera. Expect much, much better photos from here on out. I'm very excited. A couple days ago, I decided to break the new Canon and take some pics of the garden. Here's a quick taste of what's growing in our garden this year:

Yellow squash

Tomatoes - there's nothing better than a fresh, homegrown tomato!

Basil, so I can make jars and jars of pesto and Caprese salad - yum!



Cauliflower (hoping some pesky bugs go away - I refuse to use pesticide on plants I eat.)


Lauren said...

Awesome pics, A! I can't wait to raid your garden next time I'm home. Love ya!

Kylie said...

Yay for the new camera!

MrsKatherineA said...

oh it looks so good! Our garden has dried up and died. :(