Monday, July 20, 2009

Italia - day three

This was our first day to actually wake up in Italy. Randy and I both woke up at 5 a.m. that morning. It's no oddity for Randy to wake up that early, but I don't think I've ever woken up AWAKE at that time before. We both managed to sleep a bit longer, thank goodness.

Our "Campus Director," Ines (pronounced En-nes) was fabulous. Every step of the way, she was there to help us with questions, and her warm hospitality. Ines gave us a lecture about Tuscan history and treated us to all kinds of "tid bits" of information throughout the trip. It was wonderful.

We went on a walking tour of Cortona where our guide, (oops forgot her name) took us to the City Hall and to an Etruscan museum filled with incredible religious art including The Annunciation by Beato Angelico.

All these beautiful little alleys adorned the streets of Cortona.

Inside City Hall. Gorgeous room in there. Lots of people marry here. I wanted to pack 4 of those chairs in my suitcase for my breakfast nook. On the hunt now though and I will find some!

One of the piazzas in Cortona (in front of the gorgeous historic City Hall).

The Robinsons and us by the shrine of St. Marguerite in Cortona.

A little rain in Tuscany never dampened the mood. We had lunch on this beautiful patio and right after dessert (yes you heard me, we ate dessert at every lunch!), it started to rain.

After lunch, we were off on the bus to Montalcino to a wonderful winery called Altisimo. The scenery to and from, at the winery, the wine and the hospitality there did not disappoint.

The beautiful wine barrels. I swear I drank a whole barrel while in Italy.

Randy trying to decide what to buy.

We bought 4 bottles of the fabulous white wine, all of which is gone. But I did find out that we can purchase it right here in Wichita. (A win-win!)

The unbelievably delicious, mouth-watering proscuitto and pecorino cheese. I brought home some cheese, but didn't bring proscuitto. I get my wonderful charcuterie from La Quercia and it tastes exactly the same as it does in Italy (hence the owners lived there for many years).

What a fabulous way to end our day - dinner in the winery at our hotel. The food was magnificent every day. And how cozy is this little winery?

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