Sunday, November 22, 2009

Italia - day four afternoon

Perugia was a lovely town in Umbria that was full of history, charm and Baci (a Perugian chocolate that means "kisses" in Italian). Our tour group only spent an afternoon there, but when we return to Italy someday, I will spend several days there to really take time to soak it all in.

A lush, green fountain. Could it be reproduced in my backyard please?

Walking through the Rocca Paolina, a historic underground fortress built in 1373, was an incredibly surreal experience. All of the architecture and buildings were so incredibly mind boggling considering the lack of technology 700 years ago. It made me think of all the life that had been lived on those streets and I wished that the walls could talk to tell me the tales (although if they could, they'd probably speak Italian and not English). :)

Oh, the beautiful streets of Perugia. It allures you in and makes you want to do crazy things like sell your home and start a life there. (If I only spoke Italian. Minor detail.)

Lovely buildings everywhere.

Gorgeous architectural details everywhere you look.

Zucchini blossoms. One of the absolutely mouth-watering, day-dream worthy delicacies we enjoyed. These were at the grocer, but we ate them several times lightly breaded and fried at the lovely restaurant we ate at during our trip. They're one of those things you can't get enough of, can't stop thinking of and promise yourself you will master when you get home.

No caption needed. Just yum.

Craig and Randy solving the world's problems one beer and cigar at a time. Meanwhile the wives were shoe and purse shopping.

Jan and Craig viewing her photos. (She's a real photographer. Thank goodness we had a pro on the trip. Jan was very helpful as I stumbled with my new camera.)

Oh the shoes in Italy. They're enough to make this shoe-lovin' lady swoon. Absolutely amazing that this was the only pair I came home with - however - I had to tote MANY edible gifts home.

Close up of my new shoes.

Thank you Perugia for a charming afternoon and a divine new pair of shoes.


Kylie said...

adorable shoes! I bet walking by that bakery window without walking in was almost impossible! yum!

Rachel said...

keep postin! i like reading your entries.