Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas, New Years & Wedding - oh my!

It's official. My procrastination has bit me in the butt, or is it bud? It's knip it in the bud. Bite me in the butt. Whatever, the whole point is that my Christmas list is growing, without any checks being made, New Year's is right around the corner (which shouldn't be a holiday with stress, but I want to plan something!) and my wedding is Feb. 23!

I must get myself organized. All the big decisions are made for the wedding - venues booked, pastor booked, vendors hired. Time for all the small details. Which can make the wedding. I have to focus my ADD brain and get to making lists before I stress myself out anymore. This post is in attempt to do just that. Let's start:

- Decide what the cake should look like and call the cake lady
- Let the florist know what flowers should be on the cake
- Pick the MENU - which I'm very excited about. If the CC would give me the new options!!!
- Write up the invitation and programs for my friend SD to design
- Decide if the guys are wearing tuxes or black suits - decisions, decisions!
- Order BMs shoes - this is a huge decision since I'm obsessed with shoes - see pics above
- How to wear my hair - and get a dang veil!!! My cousin who recently wed is on this one.
- Where should we have the rehearsal dinner?

That's just the tip of the iceberg, however, helps me get organized. So thanks for reading. XOX!

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