Monday, December 3, 2007

This is my sweet little baby, Habibi. We call him Bibi for short. He's a 20-month old Yorkie Poo pup, full of energy and full of love for his momma. I  have to admit, he melts my heart. 

Back to the point. Last Thursday, I left work a little early, picked up Bibi and headed for the vet. He loves to go on "bye-byes," so he eagerly jumped up and down when I told him. Little did the poor little guy know. He had a distemper shot. Didn't flinch. He might be little, but he is brave.

We left the vet, headed for my grandma's house. Bibi's favorite place in the world. Of course, he tore out of the car, and beelined for her back door, like he usually does. He's always ecstatic to see Grandma. I can't breathe her name, unless he gets to see her because his ears perk up and he begins jumping up and down like a ping pong ball.  

I chatted it up with Grandma as Bibi tore through the house, occasionally stopping for a bit of attention. Grandma noticed his eye was swollen. I thought it might be from the hydrogen peroxide the vet used to clean his eye goobers. One eye was swollen. Then the other. Next thing I know, we're on our way to the animal hospital and his nose and lip were huge.

Two shots, one in each bum cheek later, the vet sent him home. The whole experience made me very thankful that he's normally a healthy little guy. By the time we got home, it was like nothing ever happened. Oh to be so resilient. Dogs have it good.

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