Saturday, November 15, 2008

Johnson + Tallgrass Film Fest

A few weeks back, my husband and I had the pleasure of his best friend from college (and still today), Mark Johnson, coming to visit from LA for the Tallgrass Film Festival. Visits from Johnson usually come once a year when he's on his way to visit his parents in a small town a couple hours from here. But this time, he really did come just to see us - well and to see his film, O2 at the Festival. Of course, his was far superior to the other films, however there were a couple that were pretty good.

Us doing a little pre-fest celebrating downtown.

Zach and his lady friend (who Johnson decided to nickname Porsche - random but funny.)

Kelsea and her boyfriend.

Johnson and me.

Johnson on stage with the other director/producers answering audience questions about their films.

Can't wait for next year J-man to celebrate your next short masterpiece! We love you!


Fat Monster Films said...

Already making plans for next year's festival.

See you in a week in Wichita too!

Carrie said...

You and Randy look so cute in your pic!

Fat Monster Films said...

Oh, and it's PORTIA, sweet Adriene! See: