Monday, November 24, 2008

Savory beef short ribs

When the weather cools, I crave comfort food. One of my all time favs is beef short ribs. The flavor is so rich and wonderful - they literally melt on your tongue.

A's Short Ribs

Serves 2

4 -5 Bone-in short ribs (can also use boneless, I prefer bone-in for flavor)
Garlic Pepper Salt
Cavenders (Greek seasoning - I use the salt free kind)
Lemon juice
Good grainy mustard
Onion, slices into wedges

Put the short ribs in the slow cooker with the bone side down, add 1 inch of water in the crock. Sprinkle garlic powder, Cavenders, salt and pepper over the top, then spread some grainy mustard on top. Cook on low all day, or high for half a day.

Ingredients (plus your short ribs)

Put it all in the slow cooker on low and be prepared for a tasty dinner

Mmm, they're ready

Serve with rice pilaf and a salad


Carrie said...

You know Princess A, keep the recipes coming. All I have to do is check your blog for my menu for the evening. LOL. I am getting lazy. If you don't post any menus for the day, my family goes hungry. ;-)I know anything you post will be great and so success is guaranteed. Isn't this the epitome of laziness?

Adriene Rathbun said...

Will do my dearest Carrie! I've got several in the que, so I will get to work tonight. ;) You aren't lazy, you are searching for inspiration. I do that too!

Andrew Desmond said...

Mmmm... looks good. I should email you this recipe my Korean friend gave me for these Korean Short Rib with Pine Nut Patties. They're very different, but tasty. I'm just too intimidated by the recipe. You've GOT to check out this website - a friend of a friend - She has links to her fave food sites on there as well. Enjoy!