Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amy's Family Dinner

As you've probably read about before here, my good friend Amy comes for dinner on Wednesday nights. This particular week, Randy was out-of-town, and I finally had Amy's dad, Mark and his lovely girlfriend Gayle over for dinner.

I learned a valuable lesson this night too - ALWAYS ask new dinner guests if they have any food allergies before planning the menu. Gayle is allergic to nuts, and I'd coated the halibut in almonds and put pesto (pine nuts) on the pasta. However, Gayle was very gracious about the situation, and it turned out okay.

Amy's salad - way to go babe! (Amy loves to eat and is learning that cooking can be equally fun.)

The menu that evening was almond-encrusted halibut and jumbo shrimp with an orange burre blanc sauce, pesto bowtie pasta and fresh green beans.

We all had a great time!


Carrie said...

Where's the recipes? :-( I can't mooch the menu without the step by step directions. :-) Just kidding. Love the presentation. I am so envious!

Adriene Rathbun said...

I don't believe you for a second missy! You are a FABULOUS cook!!!

Carrie said...

Well you should believe it because I am getting rusty and I am very sincere when I say how envious I am. I am simply too tired to cook each night like you do. I really wish I had the motivation to whip up a beautiful meal. Maybe this will be my New Year's resolution.

I vow to become organized enough to have the ingredients I need already IN my pantry so I can actually make something wonderful without running to the store at the last minute. sigh....that was alot to say. LOL :-)