Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Avacado and Grapefruit Millefeuille

Hungry? Me too. It's after 4 o'clock, and I ate a salad for lunch. What better to torture myself than writing about food? Afterall, it is what I daydream and think of most of the time (except when I'm daydreaming about my honey - don't take offense dear).

I stumbled upon this recipe on blog, La Tartine Gourmande on Tastespotting I believe, and made it for a Wednesday family dinner night. But this was a special one, celebrating 27 years of my dear friend Amy's life. Of which, we've been friends for 22.

Here's the picture step-by-step, except maybe I missed a few.

Raw shrimp, I happened to send my husband to the store and he picked up some HUGE shrimp. Looked like mini lobsters.

Boiled those babies up.

Check out that steam (wow, finally I caught one of those moments!)

And the final product.

I keep saying I'm going to invest in a better camera. Then I'd need to learn to use it, and lately I'm too busy cookin' to learn another hobby. For now, I just have a point and shoot Sony. Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

that looks spectacular!

Princess A said...

thank you helen!