Monday, August 4, 2008

Wednesday night family dinners

When my wonderful friend Amy moved back in January, we instituted a tradition: Wednesday night family dinners. Amy doesn't like to cook, but loves good food. I happen to love both, plus its a great time to get together and catch up. Quality family time. My husband likes it too, because we usually have something extra special that night.

This particular Wednesday night we had:
- sauteed sea bass with an orange burre blanc sauce
- sweet potato chips
- green beans with yellow squash
- corn on the cob

Wednesday family dinners = happy husband and happy Amy, which in turn makes me happy too.


Kylie said...

Amy was talking about that sweet corn this morning... made me want to run to the farmer's market this weekend!

MrsKatherineA said...

So fun! Dinner looks delicious!

Princess A said...

Thanks MKA! xoxo