Monday, October 13, 2008

Bacon is God's Gift

Truly. If you've ever had Niman Ranch bacon, you KNOW it's hands down the tastiest bacon that's ever melted on your tongue. For full disclosure purposes, I used to work for NR. I hadn't been on their site in the past few months and just realized they no longer handle their own DTC (direct-to-customer) sales.

Anyway, back to the point. Bacon. I was perusing some blog catalog online and found this blog, Royal Bacon Society. The mastehead from the blog is above. (I also find it ironic that they used Niman Ranch packaging to design their maste. Smart bacon eaters. They know who is king.)

My cousin Rachel, who formerly worked at an all natural meat company (not Niman, but another one) used to joke about starting a club called Vegetarians for Bacon. Because who doesn't love it?

All this bacon talk has got me pumped to place an online order and get my hands on some Niman bacon.


Sheila Krehbiel said...

Damn it, woman, YES. Bacon is just incredible. That's one thing I do remember. Veggie bacon is OK, but there's nothing like the real thing.I always like it thin and pretty well done. Cool, cool site, btw. I linked to the Bourbon Banana Bread and copied that sucker. Looks del-ish!

Sandra, Eric, Gus and Bea said...

You must check out this fellow bacon-lover's blog:

Princess A said...

Sandra, I'll have the bacon wrapped corn please! That blog is a hoot - thanks for posting!

Andrew Desmond said...

You order this online? I get NR bacon at Target... just made some last weekend - in the oven on a rack over a baking sheet to let some fat drip off, 15 min, brushed with real maple syrup for the last few min. YUM!