Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fabulous figs

I happened upon some seriously killer figs at my Gucci Dillons (the fanciest grocery store we have in Wichita) a few weeks back. What a treat.

If you've never had fresh figs, they're nothing like dried figs. So succulent, sweet and wonderful.

Then, I ran into an article in Martha Stewart Living mag "Fit to Eat: Figs" with a beautiful photo of the different types of figs. The ones I had were Brown Turkey (green with a deep purple on the skin).

I made this dessert with them one night. Figs, strawberries, creme fraiche and a little dulce de leche drizzled on top. Mmmm, it was tasty.

I also incorporated them into a salad the next night with pears, a sweet rice vinegarette dressing and topped with caramelized pecans.


Paloma said...

Yum! I love figs!

Princess A said...

Me too - one of my favorite fruits! Thanks for stoppin' by Paloma!