Sunday, September 7, 2008

Randy's birthday present

I was determined to make it a memorable one since it's our first as husband and wife. (Yeah, I'm a little sappy - now quit laughing at me!) For MONTHS I'd been planning to buy him a fancy grill. Usually, I hint around at what he's getting because I get SO excited I can't keep my mouth shut. I was that annoying kid who would tell my cousins what they were getting before they opened their Christmas gifts (they don't let me off the hook for it STILL). I guess bad habits die hard. :) BUT this time I managed to keep my lips SEALED.

Randy mentioned about 10 days before his birthday, "You know my birthday is coming up." He thought I forgot. I said, "I know," and kept it at that.

I FINALLY was able to surprise him! "The best birthday gift I've ever gotten." A success all around!

And last but CERTAINLY not least - thanks to my wonderful family who helped pick up and deliver the best birthday present ever. Uncle Ed, Benny and Skuyler - you all are the BEST! XOXOX

The new grill fits perfectly in a nook on the back patio.


melanie said...

such an awesome present! I love surprise but I too can never keep my mouth shut.

Princess A said...

We have something in common sounds like. Big mouths. ;)