Friday, September 12, 2008

Home inspiration

I picked up a copy of Traditional Home magazine a week or so ago, and finally made time to read it. Reading feels like such a decadent thing to do, yet I get so much pleasure from doing it.

I'm currently looking for inspiration for the breakfast nook and the den. (See old post for pictures, here.)

I've fallen in love with this dining room from Traditional Home. The wall color mostly. Will it work in the breakfast nook, den, or neither?

Tuesday our decorator is coming over to lead us down the path of good decisions. She did a wonderful job helping us pick out colors for our kitchen. I'm anxious to hear her opinion on these two rooms.


MrsKatherineA said...

oh wow - that's beautiful! It looks very much like the Von Trapp house in Sound of Music - my ultimate dream decor!

Princess A said...

I'll have to dig up that movie and watch it again. It's been YEARS! Thanks for droppin' in MKA!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment; I agree that Lilah is too cute! I also read your blog from time to time and love all your food posts; I love to cook as well. I actually saw you at the KSU beer tasting, and was going to say hi, but didn't find a chance and also thought I might seem like a crazy blog stalker! Oh, and FYI...Restoration Hardward has a paint color similar to that and it's really pretty; you might check it out! :)

(Kylie's friend)Michelle

Princess A said...

Oh my gosh - you should have said hi! I'm totally flattered that you knew me from my blog! :)

Thanks for the tip on Restoration Hardware - I'll look into that!

And Miss Lilah is the CUTEST sweetest little little girl! :)