Friday, September 19, 2008

Princess Genevieve

I also call her Princess Delicious because she is so irresistable. She's my cousin and cousin-in-law's sweet baby girl. She's the most delightful baby to be around, never cries, never squacks and just smiles.


Carrie said...

Oh A...there are days I miss the sweet smiles, snuggles, and smells, of babies. :-( Then.... I recall the lack of sleep, sanity, and the smelly pants.

I quickly snap out of it. :-)

She is a beautiful baby. Very soulful eyes.

Princess A said...

Thanks, both R & I are WAY crazy about her. :)

Liz said...

Of course she's a princess...she's my niece! She is the sweetest thing ever!!! Love you!

Princess A said...

Love you too Liz - thanks for poppin' in! :)